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ULC Fire Alarm Monitoring with Franks Fire Alarm & Electrical Inc.

ULC Monitoring is the standard requirement for new fire alarm systems installed today. When upgrading existing systems the right move is to switch your fire system off existing security monitoring, and installing dedicated ULC monitoring for your fire alarm panel. It is a code requirement to have all fire panel Alarms, Trolubles, and Supervisory Alarms relied to the monitoring station. Franks Fire Alarm & Electrical Inc. has teamed up with Securtek Monitoring to provide the highest quality service, installation, inspection and maintenance for all your fire Alarm monitoring needs.

Franks Fire Alarm & Electrical Inc.'s experienced electricians are highly skilled in both the installation and inspection of ULC Monitoring, so whether you're looking to switch your existing building monitoring or are in need monitoring for a new fire alarm installation, reach out to us today.

What Are the Criteria for ULC Monitoring?

ULC Monitoring has countless benefits and is a necessary addition to the fire alarm monitoring of your building, it is required if your building has any of the following:

  • Assembly occupancy over 300 people
  • Healthcare or detention facility
  • Water flow devices
  • Two stage alarm system
  • Vulnerable occupancy
  • High fire hazard

What is ULC and why is it important

The acronym ULC stands for Underwwriters Laboratories of Canada it is the authority for life safety products in the country. all fire alarm equipment sold must adhere to the ULC guidelines. The organization sets the standards for fire alarm devices, panels and monitoring. it is important you choose products and a monitoring company that conforms to the guidelines set out by this monitoring authority.

ULC System requirements

  • ULC listed transmitter
  • Dedicated 120V power supply to transmitter on seperate breaker
  • Installed CA38A Jack for landline connection
  • Mechanical protection for all wiring to fire panel
  • 24hr standby batteries
  • Monitored for Alarm, Supervisory, and Trouble Connection failure
  • Monitored for AC and DC power failure
  • Monitored for active and passive communication to station failure
  • Alarm signal transmitted in 60 sec.
  • Fire dispatch in 30 sec.
  • 2 paths of communication active/Passive