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Ensure your protection with Fire Alarm Inspection

You love your customers and residence, but it's not easy looking after every aspect of owning property, and you know there are some details with the fire alarm system you need to outsource. You're not alone—all commercial buildings in town require fire alarm inspection, maintenance and upgrades and owners simply aren't equipped to handle the upkeep that they are required to.

Our skilled team can manage your properties fire alarm system to be fully compliant with all of the latest requirements for safety, while also helping reduce false alarms and unneeds conflicts with the local fire department by keeping your fire alarm system in peek working condition.

Experienced Technicians to Analyze the State of your System

It's easy to not pay too close attention to what's behind the doors of your fire alarm panel, but staying with an outdated fire alarm system can cause serious problems, not to mention rack up a hefty bills when emergencies arise and the system fails to work properly. Older systems aren't as efficient as current models, so if your devices and panel are out of date it's likely you will need to have your system regularly maintained and inspected to discover deficiencies. Franks Fire Alarm & Electrical Inc. is highly experienced in the inspection of fire alarm systems big and small, and can maintain your current system ensuring your customers, residence, and property is properly protected.

Why Is Fire Alarm Inspection Important?

Even if the power light is on when you do the morning visual inspection of your fire panel, it's possible that the devices in your building are outdated and unsafe. Placing too much stress on an old fire alarm system increases the risk of it overheating, potentially causing boards to fail or devices to malfunction.

Thankfully, this is a problem easily solved by fire alarm inspection. While it may be a lengthy process, inspection is a necessary part of maintaining new and old systems, and when handled by the professionals at Franks Fire Alarm & Electrical Inc. it can add immense peace of mind in your business.

How Does Fire Alarm Inspection Work?

The first step in the process is to careful inspect every inch of your fire alarm system, taking note of anything that needs updating. From there, we can provide you with a report of the systems functionality and any deficiencies. Our rates are highly competitive, making us one of the most affordable companies in town for inspection work.

Once we have the inspection report completed, we can replace everything from the defective devices to the entire panel ifn needed, swapping them out for new, efficient technologies that are in line with current safety standards. In doing so, not only do we ensure your life safety, but we also enhance your property's value with the addition of an updated systems. It's a win-win for you!