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Are your Emergency systems working at the optimal levels? Will your exit lights and battery pack function if power is lost? Are you properly prepared when your tenants and customers are looking for the way out in an emergency?

Any crisis can arise that will darken your hallways ans exits, its always a good idea to fully inspect the emergency lighting system before problems can become deadly. It can be overlooked and unused for years, but if it isn't up to code you need to know before you accidentally endanger lives.

At Franks Fire Alarm & Electrical Inc. we provide full Emergency system inspections for all commercial properties, Ensuring your life safety systems are fully operational when you need them the most.


You are to have your emergency system inspected by a qualified technician annually. It is recommended that the building owner keep record of there own monthly inspections on the system using the test button, to ensure functionality throughout the year.

At Franks Fire Alarm & Electrical Inc. We provide inspection tags for your Battery packs, and let you know when the annual inspection is dew, so you can focus on the other extensive tasks of managing a building.


Each Battery Pack and exit light in the building will have the power removed for the mandated 30 minute time. Any batteries that fail to keep the emergency packs and exit light lite for the duration will be identified on the report, and can be replaced onsite for a small service fee. All Exit lights and Battery packs that are not functions properly on AC power will be noted as well.

At the end of the inspection, you will receive a detailed report that covers what was found including a quote for any repairs needed to make the system code compliant.