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More than just a way to hear what's going on around you in case of fire, smoke alarms are in need of updating every 10 years. The up to date Alarms can transform a potential nightmare to a tranquil home where you can rest comfortably, while carbon monoxide detectors can let you know the slightest potential for danger in garages and furnace rooms.

For all your smoke alarm replacement needs, home owners have been trusting Franks Fire Alarm & Electrical Inc. for years—why not join them, and get in touch with us today?

Ensure the life safety in your home or office with Franks Fire Alarm & Electrical

A lack of information is an incredibly frustrating thing for people to deal with, and it can sometimes be the difference between life and death. Take your bedroom, for example. A bedroom is where you will spend almost 1/3 of your life, ensuring the smoke alarms in your bedrooms will work properly in case of fire is of the utmost importance. Without proper checking your detectors monthly, installing new batteries yeary and replacement every 10 years, it's hard to tell if you will be awakened from your sleep in an emergency—is there a fire hazard lurking in the walls you might not know about? On the other hand, a home that has new smoke alarms is significantly more secure, and people feel more at ease sleeping at night.

Smoke Alarm Replacement gives You Enhanced Security and Peace of Mind

Franks Fire Alarm & Electrical Inc. specializes in providing fire alarm solutions that enhance security, and leaves users feeling comfortable. Thanks to our services, the homes in our area are safer than ever.

With every project we take on, our goal is the same: to enhance the user experience by providing fire protection

solutions that boost property value and ease of mind. In our mind, this is something that can be achieved without forcing clients to pay an arm and a leg, which is why we're proud to offer highly competitive rates to our customers.

Increase safety with High Quality Smoke/CO Alarms

With our top notch smoke alarm and CO detection, it's easier than ever for your home to feel safe, and for families to be protected in their beds. Imagine a home with outdated detectors, because information is insufficient on there inspection and replacement.

Picture a home where the smoke detection may be defective of non existent with old detectors that are the only defence against a home fire or CO leak while you sleep. Now imagine one that has updated and upgraded smoke alarm and CO detection in every bedroom, installed by Franks Fire Alarm & Electrical Inc. Your family is able to live their daily lives feeling safe and secure, because your investment in the life safety of the home has made it that way.